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      Pool 1,2,3,...
   649 Combo
      Pool 1,2,3,...

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Admin: Len Koyczan


Canadian Lottery Pool Net
Po. Box 1197
Yellowknife, NWT
X1A 2N8

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This is my personal invitation to anyone,
who visits this Site, to have a chance to
enter into the Canadian Lottery Pool.

You have probably read about the Canadian Lottery Pool in the papers. Now you have found the spot, where you can get in on the winnings.

We invest in the
  • 649 Lottery,
  • 649 Combination Lottery - 7,8,9 number combination play
  • Lotto Max Lottery,
  • Lotto Max Combination Lottery - 8 number combination play.
649 25 draws 3 Months $25
649 COMBO 7# 25 draws 3 Months $28
649 COMBO 8# 25 draws 2 Months $28
649 COMBO 9# 25 draws 2 Months $36
Lotto Max 10 draws 3 Months $25
Lotto Max Combo 10 draws 3 Months $40

The combos greatly increase your chances of winning.

All tickets acquired by the pool and all drawn numbers will always be immediately posted on this Site.

All of those who joined will be given a password, so that they can see the pool they are in, and also can conveniently check the pool tickets to see how much that pool has won.

The 649 Lottery has draws twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

The Lotto Max Lottery has draws once a week, on Friday evenings.

You can play as often as you like. Check out each Lottery to see what the
price is for each Pool. All money is LISTED in Canadian funds. You can pay the equivalent in your currency.

There is a pool administration fee of $3 per pool to cover the cost of this site and for mailing checks and results. (Actually, it is $5, but Len got conned into donating $2 per pool on your behalf.)

To get a personal invitation to join and the cost of joining currently open pools,
write to Join Canadianlotterypool.

After you decide which pool you want to join, you will receive an invoice and payment guidelines in your email. You can also pay by e-mail money transfer.

Your information is totally private and will never be sold or transferred to anybody.

canadianlotterypool.NET  Contact: Len Koyczan: lenk@canadianlotterypool.NET

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