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Lotto Max pools

Below is an example of the Lotto Max regular lottery draw. We need 25 people before we can buy a complete set. Each entry is $25.00 for the regular Lotto Max or $40 for the Lotto Max Combo (plus Pool Admin Fee of $3.00) For both pools, the tickets will be good for 2½ months. There is a $3 administrative fee to become a member of this exclusive pool and receive the Members Only password.*

All those entered in these draws will split the total winnings of that ticket and have payment mailed to them.

* Administrative Fee: This fee is to cover the cost of the http://canadianlotterypool.NET web site and the updates, whenever a new pool is started, when there are winnings, when winnings are plowed into additional pools, etc. If the collected admin fees for any one pool are more than $2 higher than the actual cost, they will be plowed into extra tickets for that pool.
Below is an example ticket and Lotto Max Lottery form for 5 entries for 25 draws.

Numbers and members for Lotto Max
S7 Pool 1 (1) Pool 6 Pool 11 Pool 16 Pool 21
S7 Pool 2+2A (2) Pool 7 Pool 12 Pool 17 Pool 22
LM 3+3A+W+B+X (4) Pool 8 Pool 13 Pool 18 Pool 23
Pool 4+W+A+ +BW+C(5) Pool 9 Pool 14 Pool 19 Pool 24
Pool 5 Pool 10 Pool 15 Pool 20 Pool 25
Active Expired Not yet   12

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